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Gia il sole dal Gange_Sophia Rios Garcia

Will There Really Be a Morning_Robyn Carter

Good Morning Baltimore_Myranda Kolesa

Danny Boy_Alyssa Stanbery

A la claire fontaine_Cherilyn Rohrkaste

Empty Chairs at Empyt Tables_Laren Taylor

Popular_Brittany Kuemmerle

True Colors_Jazmin Sullivan

O Rest in the Lord_Mikaela Orr

Be Thou My Vision_Amy Lomax

Ave Maria_Sarah Barrett


Ensei_Myranda Kolesar_Brooke Gunn

Gaelic Blessing_Jodi Norwood

The Prayer_Cynthia Dwelis_Jodi Norwood

Miracle of Miracles_Kyle York

Someone Like You_Cynthia Dwelis

Torna a Surriento_Kaylan Coleman

I Dreamed a Dream_Brooke Gunn

Over the Rainbow